Frequently Asked Questions....

How can I use the Bunting and how much will I need?

There are so many ways in which you can use bunting to decorate a space, its beauty is its versatility.

If you are hiring from us this probably means that you have a reasonable area to transform. To work out how much you will need, find out the key dimensions of the space to be decorated e.g length and width and look to see what fixing points there are. If you are decorating a marquee the hire company will have all this information. Then you can think about your design.

Within a hall or marquee you could consider hanging bunting around the perimeter of the walls, maybe running bunting diagonally from each of the 4 corners to the centre of the ceiling, or perhaps having bunting running centrally along the length of the ceiling. You might want to do all 3!

How much you use depends on whether you want your bunting to take centre stage or have a more subtle impact.

To avoid taut lines you need to allow for some sag. We suggest that you add 10% to the total amount that you have calculated you need, to give an attractive drape effect when hung.

How are the lengths of Hire Bunting constructed?

All our hire bunting flags are double sided. They measure approximately 19cm wide x 21cms drop and come in a mixture of 5 and 10 metre lengths that are looped at each end for hanging and joining bunting together. 5 metre lengths have 17 flags and 10 metre lengths have 33 flags. We also supply plenty of cotton ties to enable you to join lengths together and attach the bunting to fixing points at your venue.

Can I use the Bunting outside?

Bunting looks lovely outside, for example draped between branches of trees or hanging along a fence. However our standard Cotton Bunting does not like getting wet!

Flags and bias binding can stain or mark and the weight of water absorbed can put excessive strain on both, causing them to rip or tear. In the case of Hire Bunting, this would certainly affect your Damage Waiver Charge.

We therefore request that you only use our Cotton Hire Bunting outside in dry weather. If there is any chance of rain please ensure you have an alternative dry location where it can hang.

Our new Outdoor Bunting, however, is water repellent and can withstand a certain amount of moisture. It is, however, not guaranteed to be 100% waterproof and can still suffer damage* if not properly cared for.  When hiring our Outdoor Bunting, special care instructions will be issued which provide detailed information regarding its care. 

If the worst does happen and flags get wet, please ensure that you dry them thoroughly before sending them back. In all cases please contact us immediately to advise what has happened, so that we can agree the best course of action.

*Damage can include any of the following and means that the Bunting requires repair and / or replacement: tears/rips/snags/staining/dyeing/fading to flags and/or tape.

What should I use to secure Bunting in place?

Please ensure that you only secure bunting to any fixings with cotton tapes or ties (we will provide some with your hire delivery, but you may need to get some more yourself ). Do not use staples, nails, blu tak or other adhesive substances as these will all mark the bunting

Can you send me swatches of fabrics used before buying or hiring your Bunting?

Yes of course. we are happy to send you a swatch of each of the fabrics used in a bunting string. Just email your request or phone us, and we will post the swatches to you. If for any reason we are unable to include swatches for all the fabrics, we will let you know.

Are you able to make me some Bunting from fabric I have supplied you?

We are happy to do this whether the fabric is old or new. For example, it can be an excellent and original way to transform an old dress or curtains. Just contact us by email using the enquiry form, or ring for a chat and we can discuss your requirements.

Are you able to make “Children & Bespoke Bunting” in different sized flags to the ones you have on your website?

As this bunting is made to order, it may be possible to use a different flag size and/or a different length. Just email your request or ring for a chat and we can discuss this


Safety First

Bunting is a beautiful way to decorate both indoors and outdoors but please ensure that it is positioned safely and kept out of reach of children at all times.